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Below are Bob Ringwald's older recordings that have become collector's items. They are no longer available directly from Bob.

Sterling - West Coast Sessions
Not available

 Album front cover: Sterling - West Coast Sessions
  • Sidewalk Blues
  • The Eel
  • Jimmy's Jam
  • Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
  • Riverboat Shuffle
  • Sweet Georgia Brown
  • I'm Coming Virginia
  • Someday You'll be Sorry
  • Texas Mood
  • Milneberg Joys

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Diggin' Gold
Not available

Album front cover: Diggin' Gold
  • I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure
  • Hindustan
  • Spain
  • Breezin Along With The Breeze
  • Wolverine Blues
  • Sleazy Love
  • Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
  • Sacramento
  • Under The Moonlight, Starlight Blue
  • Somebody Loves Me

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Good Clean Fun
Not available

Album front cover: Good Clean Fun
  • Good Clean Fun
  • I Want a Little Girl
  • Louisiana
  • Blue & Broken Hearted
  • Fidgety Feet
  • My Monday Date
  • St. Louis Blues
  • A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
  • Blue, Turning Gray Over You
  • Sunnyside Of The Street

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County Fair 2000
Not available

Album front cover: Phil Alvin's County Fair 2000
  • Country Fair
  • Wreck Your V-8 Ford
  • The Blue Line
  • That Thing
  • Turnin' Blues Into Gold
  • Starlight
  • Keep In Touch
  • What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You
  • She Loves So Good
  • Callin' Corrine
  • The Terror
  • Oh, Doctor
  • Mr. Satellite Man
  • Low Down Rhythm
  • Danny Boy's Mourning Sunset
    a. Old Rugged Cross
    b. Ankh
    c. Didn't He Ramble

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3rd Annual SF Traditional Jazz Jamboree
Not available

Album front cover: 3rd Annual SF Traditional Jazz Jamboree
  • Original Dixieland One-step
  • Ain't Nobody Got The Blues
  • Chattanooga Stomp
  • Floating' Down To Cotton Town
  • The Entertainer Rag
  • Crazy Capers
  • Sage Hen Strut
  • Vince's Blues
  • Sweet Lorraine
  • On TheWall
  • Beale Street Blues

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Album front cover: Molly Ringwald's 'I Wanna Be Loved By You'

I Wanna Be Loved By You,  Molly Sings
Not available

Molly Ringwald recorded her first record album "I Wanna Be Loved By You, Molly Sings", at the age of six, in January and February of 1974 with Bob Ringwald's Fulton Street Jazz Band.

  • "I Wanna Be Loved By You"
  • "Sister Kate"
  • "A Bird in a Gilded Cage"
  • "He's So Unusual"
  • "Oh, Daddy"
  • "There'll Be a Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight"
  • "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out"
  • "I'll Do Anything For You"
  • "The World's Jazz Crazy"
  • "Get Out and Get Under The Moon"
  • "Cake Walkin' Babies From Home"

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The Boondockers Live
Can You Hear Us In The Rear?
Not Available

Album front cover: The Boondockers Live - Can you hear us in the rear?
  • Introduction
  • Royal Garden Blues
  • Political Commentary
  • Shake That Thing
  • Philosophical Observations
  • Can't Get [my car] Started
  • Marital Bliss
  • Basin Street
  • Bye Bye Blues
  • Ethical Issues


  • San Francisco Bay Blues
  • Pepe Plays the Violin
  • Risible Religious Issues
  • Just a Little While
  • Mother's Day Medley
  • Marital Blues #2
  • Peoria
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Naughty Sweetie Blues
  • Patriotic Medley


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Fulton Street Jazz Band - Tippin' In
CD $15

Album front cover: Fulton Stree Jazz Band - Tippin' in



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The Boondockers Caught In The Act
Not Available

Album front cover: The Boondockers - Caught in the Act
  • Fidgety Feet
  • Runnin' Wild
  • My Trailer Don't Seem Like a Home
  • Coney Island Washboard
  • News Update
  • Straighten Up & Fly Right
  • Song of the Colo-Rectal Surgeon


  • Inspirational Message
  • Trombone Rag
  • Ghost Riders in the Sky
  • Artis Observation
  • Tiger Rag
  • Bon Mot
  • Dippermouth Blues


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